What's the catch? +

There is no catch at all. We are Platinum Supreme Shareholders and affiliates of the Chairmans Circle at the resort and wish to extend to you a unique luxurious vacation experience to remember. However; we do suggest that you rent a safe for a small fee to safely store your travel documents. Each accommodation has a safe, so upon arrival to the resort you may request to rent the safe and you will receive a key or combination.

What form of payment do you accept? +

Sands of Luxury currently accepts bank checks and money orders as a form of payment.

How do I arrange for the airport transportation? +

Round trip transportation to and from the airport are included EXCEPT for the Grand Oasis Tulum. Once you arrange your flights, you will need to email us your itinerary transfer so we can arrange your pick up and send you the confirmation. Specifics will be noted on your confirmation.

What airport do I fly into? +

You can either fly directly into Puerto Plata International Airport or Santiago International Airport. Puerto Plata Airport is about 30 minutes from Lifestyle Holidays Resort and Santiago International Airport is about 90 minutes from the resort. Free shuttle service is ONLY provided from Puerto Plata airport.

Is there Internet service at the resort? +

Yes. There are both accesses to computers with Internet, and free Wi-Fi in certain areas and also throughout the resort for a fee.

Is the villa cost per person or per week? +

The villa cost is per week. If staying with friends you could split the cost of the villa. Great way to experience luxury at such a low cost!

Can the maid prepare breakfast in the Villa I am staying at? +

Yes! Your maid will make breakfast daily in your Villa by request. Once you check in to your Villa let VIP Services know you would like the maid to prepare your breakfast in the morning. If you wish to go to the buffet some of the days, just let your maid know that you don't want her to prepare the breakfast that day.

Does every villa have its own swimming pool? +

Yes, each villa has its own private swimming pool exclusively for you to enjoy!

How do we visit Ocean World? +

With your booking, each person can obtain Ocean World entrance tickets. Let VIP services know which day you would like to visit the marine park and they will issue you a ticket for the date you choose. A shuttle will pick you up in front of the Tropical, and return you to the resort. There is an additional charge for specific activities at Ocean World - please refer to "Our Partners" tab on the home page.

Do I need to bring a power adapter? +

The resort uses the same power 120-volt receptacle adapters as the U.S.

Do I need to exchange US dollars for DR pesos? +

No! The resorts as well as vendors in the Dominican Republic take American currency.

Do we get a golf cart in any accommodation? +

No, you only receive a golf cart with a Villa rental ONLY and shuttle van service is provided with the other various accommodations at the Puerto Plata resort.

Why would a sales person approach me to take a tour of the resort? +

You are not obligated to go on a tour or listen to any sales pitch. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is continuously gaining new memberships, so salespersons offer to take guests on a tour of the resort to explain the benefits of membership, and offer you the opportunity to buy your own membership. The advantage of taking a tour of the resort is that you will see all of the different accommodations and amenities offered. This can help you decide which accommodation you would like to choose for your next holiday at the resort and where you would like to spend your time during your current vacation. NOTE: Ask for "Daniel" to take you on a tour if you would like to tour the entire resort and all the wonderful things it has to offer without a high-pressure sales pitch

Are there wedding packages available? +

Yes. The resort does offer wedding packages. If you are interested in more information please email Sands of Luxury through the contact form.

What day does the week start on? +

The week will start the day you arrive it doesn't matter if it is Monday-Monday, Friday-Friday or any other day of the week.

How do I arrange restaurant reservations once I arrive at the resort? +

Upon arrive at the resort the VIP service department will assist you with your restaurant reservations.

If I have any questions or concerns regarding my stay at the resort where can I obtain information or guidance? +

If you have any questions or concerns while on vacation please feel free to visit the office tower, which is located at the heart of the resort. Our Customer Service Department and our VIP Service Department are located in the lower level of the office tower. Each department is here to provide you with assistance should it be required.

When are the busiest times at the resort? +

The busiest time periods at the resort are Christmas and New Years, Presidents week, Easter, July 4 and Thanksgiving. We always recommend that should you wish to vacation during these busy time periods that you book early.

When are the slowest times at the resort? +

The slowest time periods at the resort are May, September, October, November excluding Thanksgiving and the first two weeks of December. This is a lovely time to travel if you like peace and quiet.

When is the rainy season? +

The rainy season starts mid November and last until mid March but it is always nice in hot in the Dominican Republic. The hottest months of the year are July, August and September.

Do you offer excursions? +

We have an excursion office located near the office tower with a well-informed staff offering a variety of excursions to suit all ages.

Do you provide lodging for the elderly and the disabled? +

If you are traveling with an elderly individual or someone with a disability we will do our best to accommodate them. If you require ground floor accommodation please inform Sands of Luxury and will do our best to assist you.

Do you provide babysitting services? +

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata provides babysitting services and this can be arranged when you arrive for a fee.

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